set the location of an iPad menuPick

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Thu May 8 10:43:29 EDT 2014

Sorry to be so late to this party. I submitted a bug report for the iOS

While figuring out what this bug is all about I found the location of the
picker is best case position to point the pick list at the field or button
whose handler requested the pick. If you want to move it around create a
small invisible field or button. Then do:

Send ("mouseup"&&MyPickListLinesVar) to button "myInvisibleButton" in 0

The myInvisibleButton mouseup handler:
On mouseup pPicklistLines
 Mobilepick pPicklistLines
end mouseup

The pick list will be positioned near and pointing to the invisible field.

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Anyone know how to set the location of an iPad menuPick   (aka popup or

Am using 6.5.2 and the popup seems to work fine but seems no way to set
where it happens.



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