Modularising Code

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Thu May 8 08:34:48 EDT 2014

Library seems to be more for using code that is reusable between different projects.

My methods/functions are applicable only to the project in which they reside.

I am just looking for something that allows organisations of the scripts within the IDE without perhaps creating an object just to store these methods/functions.

If I use say Xcode as an example.

You can organise your code in folders/nested folders from within the IDE.

In LiveCode methods/functions are usually applicable to an object with the facility to have common methods/functions accessible to all objects by placing them in the Card Script or Stack Script etc.

There does not appear to be any way within say the Stack Script to organise methods/functions into folders.
The handler list on the left hand side of the script window in the IDE would be better if it had the means of placing the scripts into folders, purely for aesthetics.

How do people overcome this limitation? That is my question.

All the best


On 8 May 2014, at 13:18, Björnke von Gierke <bvg at> wrote:

> I really would love to hear your reasoning about why start using (library) is not what you want to use (or it's brethren front script and back script).

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