Community standards for a LEGO kit?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon May 5 11:45:32 EDT 2014

On 05/05/14 16:39, Charles E Buchwald wrote:
> There are DropTools, PowerTools, tmControl, MobGUI, and some others which I'm sure I'm forgetting, so I daresay it's an idea that's been attempted a few times.
> I like very much the idea of "a LEGO kit" for, let's say, casual or beginning programmers. I've known many designers who dabble in programming who would find such a thing very useful for prototyping UI/UX. The few times I've shown LIveCode to kids, the drag-and-drop stuff is a nice place to start.
> I think the users who are most likely to really get into that LEGO kit are likely to do so with the Community version. What's the possibility of a community effort towards defining a standard, or some kind of interoperability, for LEGO-like components?
> - Charles

There is no earthly reason why a LEGO kit cannot be designed as an 
GUI/front-end to float on Livecode: and I'm sure there would be quite a 
demand for it were
one designed.

There are other possibilities to. Here's one of them :

this is a prototype agent-led interface for Livecode that guides 
teachers and so on through a decision
tree system to make stacks for content delivery and reinforcement.

The code is "up for grabs" if anyone can leverage it and go further with it.


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