Community standards for a LEGO kit?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon May 5 11:58:51 EDT 2014

On 05/05/14 16:39, Charles E Buchwald wrote:
> There are DropTools, PowerTools, tmControl, MobGUI, and some others which I'm sure I'm forgetting, so I daresay it's an idea that's been attempted a few times.
> I like very much the idea of "a LEGO kit" for, let's say, casual or beginning programmers. I've known many designers who dabble in programming who would find such a thing very useful for prototyping UI/UX. The few times I've shown LIveCode to kids, the drag-and-drop stuff is a nice place to start.
> I think the users who are most likely to really get into that LEGO kit are likely to do so with the Community version. What's the possibility of a community effort towards defining a standard, or some kind of interoperability, for LEGO-like components?
> - Charles

"Interoperability" . . .  presumably you mean how stacks made with a 
LEGO kit
would relate to later hacking about in 'standard' Livecode?

I don't see that there is even a question there: if the LEGO kit is 
constructed using
Livecode then all the LEGO pieces would be either Livecode objects or 
composite objects
(think "datagrid"), and for their functionality would contain Livecode 
scripts which could
be modified using the script Editor.


What might be a more interesting question is what a LEGO kit interface 
might look like,

whether it should be provided with or without the possibility of the 
end-user to flip
back-and-forth with the 'standard' interface or not,

and how much editability of the capabilities of the components the 
end-users are going
to be permitted.

This could be a "real hotty" and certainly seems pretty sexy to me.

My main objections (apart from the rather clunky progging language) to 
Toolbook 11.5
(this is the one I had a play with on Windows 7) is that it is a sort of 
half-cock-job, in that
the interface tries to be LEGO kit and an Object based GUI at the same 
time, so sends
mixed signals.

If a LEGO kit were to be developed for Livecode I feel that the end-user 
should be presented with
an "either/or" rather than a chimaera.

I'm stomping off to draw pretty pictures of a LEGO kit interface mockup 
which I'll post to
the Forums and reference here.


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