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Klaus major-k klaus at
Wed Oct 23 11:32:21 EDT 2013

Hi friends,

since LC on Android does not supply setting the currenttime etc.,
this is only available on iOS, I will probably use the built-in controller.

This is on iOS and my suffice for now:

Can anyone please supply a little screenshot of the Android equivalent 
of this (simple) player? 

Here the snytax:
on createplayer
   if the environment is "mobile" then
      iphoneControlCreate "player" 
      put the result into sPlayerID
      ## replace with a sound of your choice :-)
      iphoneControlSet sPlayerID, "fileName", (specialfolderpath("engine") & "/mp3test.mp3")
      iPhoneControlSet sPlayerID, "showController", true
      iPhoneControlSet sPlayerID, "rect", the rect of btn "template"
      iPhoneControlSet sPlayerID, "visible", TRUE
   end if
end createplayer

Thanks a lot!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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