Make an paid app for someone else. How does it work?

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Wed Oct 23 11:30:24 EDT 2013

Hi William,

You could sell an app for someone else and pass on the revenue but if they are to own it and receive all of the revenue it is much better if they get their own Apple developer account. They can then add you to their "team" on the Apple developer portal and you'll have access to both your account and theirs when you sign in (you have to choose which one each time). When you build the version of their app that will go on the app store in their name you have to use an App ID and distribution profile from their account but before that time it doesn't matter which you use.

Hope that helps,


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Subject: Make an paid app for someone else. How does it work?

Hi there,

Just now someone asked me to build him an app.
The app needs to be a paid app.
How does that work?
Does the person himself need a Apple developer account associated with his
own bankaccount?
And how does it work with provision files and so on.
Or is it easier?

I hope someone can give me an idea on how to answer my client.


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