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And continuing…


Jacque: "If you can tell us why you need the messages to go to the stack level, 
maybe we can figure out a better way."

I'm trying to develop a new template app for my future projects to comply with iOS 7.
Swiping from left edge to right goes previous page if there is one.
Swiping from right edge to left slides the main view {frontGroup} to reveal the main menu.
Think of the Facebook for iOS 7; just put the bottom tabBar into the chat screen.
That's my template app.
I'm saying template but there are 8 projects at my desk awaiting this functionality;
and their deadlines are getting closer every day.
The customers expect full blend with the underlying OS.
They see something in the other native apps and they want it :-/

I've shared an early work in the forums:

But it doesn't operate well.
There are many flaws.
One of them is that the frontGroup may be too complex to slide smoothly.

The solution is obvious:
* Take a snapshot of the screen
* Hide the main view {frontGroup}

** Slide that snapshot to left to reveal the menu.
** After the user is done with the menu, slide the snapshot to center.
** Show the main view.
** Delete the snapshot.
-- Or
** Slide the snapshot to right while revealing the snapshot of the previous page at a slower speed with a somewhat parallax effect.
** If the grabbed snapshot is released at right, slide the snapshot of the previous page to center.
** Go that card.
** Delete the snapshot.

If I can come up with a fine-working and bug-free stack, I'll share it of course.
Neil already wanted from me to put that old stack on to revOnline.
But I don't think it's good enough.

What do you think?
Could it help me to use the behavior functionality?
Or any other advices as a workflow maybe?
I guess many of us would benefit from this.
iOS 7 is here and as I said, customers want full compliance.


~ Ender Nafi
~… together, we're smarter …~

On October 19, 2013 at 9:21:14 PM, J. Landman Gay (jacque at wrote:

Thanks for the nice words, guy. I'm always glad when I can reduce the 
amount of screaming going on in someone's head. 

One trick I sometimes use when I want an object to be hidden but still 
enabled is to set its blendlevel to 99. That makes it almost impossible 
to see, but still allows clicks and messages. But if you want the 
messages to go back to the stack, that won't work. 

The only reason I can think of that you'd want mouse handlers at the 
stack level is if you plan to have many objects using the same handlers. 
In that case I'd assign behaviors rather than use a stack script. It 
would be more efficient and would also be more selective, so that clicks 
on the card or other unrelated objects wouldn't be intercepted wrongly. 

If you can tell us why you need the messages to go to the stack level, 
maybe we can figure out a better way. 

Jacqueline Landman Gay | jacque at 
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