"Be This Guy"

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 23:00:14 EDT 2013

I am really late to this message thread, but it's
very interesting to read everybody's opinion
about these issues.

Do you know what I think?

After reading this article, posted by Richard Gaskin
in his Facebook page:
I concluded that Richmond should be working with RunRev
in their Educational Market. All his boundless enthusiam
and energy should be employed to advance LiveCode's
awareness between this new generation of teachers and
students. After reading many old HyperCard books, I realized
the most remarkable differences between Now and Then.

Then, computers were cutting edge and a promise of
unlimited possibilities.
Today, computers are everywhere (even in the phones)
and there is an increasing skepticism among teachers
about the unfullfilled promises in the education field.

Judy Perry posted about this book, some time ago:

There a cautive market that RunRev could reach with ease:
Schools that teach English and have computer labs.
All around the world. Remember that this platform have
"Chunk expressions" that are closely related to the
english language. No other computer language have this,
as far as I know.

LiveCode is a programming platform, but it's success
depends of presenting itself as a tool useful in many areas,
not only for software developers.

How could LiveCode be useful for each computer user?
Think about this.

Have a nice weekend!


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