Up, Down and Sideways

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Dec 12 13:32:17 EST 2013

Richmond wrote:
> the Documentation states that:
> the altKey
> altKey()
> "Returns the state of the Alt key."
> and that just doesn't seem to be happening [Linux].

Many Linux window managers are (unnecessarily, IMNSHO) greedy with the 
Option/Alt key, using it to move windows and therefore not passing its 
state to the app.

Yeah, annoying as all get out.  I'd love to have a beer or twelve with 
the Gnome folks who decided that was a smart thing to do.  I imagine 
that decision was made in a smoke house in Amsterdam, under the 
influence of some exotic hash too powerful for reason to survive.

It may be possible to turn that off in the keybidings or CompizConfig or 
whatever else may be relevant in your distro.  But if you're making an 
app for others to use it's probably best to just design around 
dependency on the Alt/Option key altogether, since 80% of computer users 
never change any defaults.

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