How do I find the rgb values for colors defined by their name:e.g. blue, green, yellow etc. - Found word(s) list error in the Text body

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Thu Dec 12 10:50:02 EST 2013

> On Dec 10, 2013, at 20:27 , Peter Haworth <pete at<mailto:pete at>> wrote:
> The asterisks seem to happen when I copy and paste from LC to my mail
> system (gmail).  They don't show up in the message when I send it but
> somehow insinuate themselves somewhere out there in the great unknown
> cloud.  Maybe the NSA put them there, who knows.
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <<>>

That’s funny. Your wrote in response to my post (below.)  But note in my text all my quotation marks were replaced with question marks—see text that begins with  Replace…

Actually I would be proud if NSA thinks enough of us to monitor our list.

Jim Hurley

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> Thanks Pete (and Walt and Richard),
> That is perfect. Very imaginative. (*But* *why* *all* *the* *asterisks?)
> (Replace ?*? with space in ?..)
> And about that Template Button, Riichard. I speak only Pigeon LC.
> J

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