[OT] EULA and legality

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Sep 9 12:41:41 EDT 2012

Roger Eller wrote:
> 'Apple branded'... that is their hang up.  They want to keep their users
> believing they are special because they own an Apple product.  Well, once
> everybody has an iPhone, or an iPad, who's special then?  It's like saying
> "I own a TV".  Uh, ok.

We're way OT here, but that won't stop me from noting that you've just 
described very succinctly Apple's biggest challenge today:

For more than 30 years they've achieved everything they have on an 
underdog story.  Originally the enemy was Big Blue, later Microsoft, but 
always Apple was the little guy up against the big guns, and if you the 
customer were just willing to "Think Different(R)" you could join the 
revolution and change the world.

Well, the world has indeed changed.

Apple is now one of the largest and post powerful multinational giants 
on earth.

They're big enough to lock up whole fabrication sectors, able to change 
the global price of commodity components with a single phone call, 
almost single-handedly defining the value of NASDAQ.

Now that they've gone from underdog to top dog, the story that brought 
them here is completely irrelevant to their current position on the 
world stage.

They need a new story, one that will engage the heats and minds of the 
market as effectively as the one that brought them here, but one that's 
relevant to their new role as global giant.  What will it be?

I think they're still adjusting to their new position of power.  It'll 
be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple years.

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