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Sun Sep 9 12:42:00 EDT 2012

No luck on the forums. Will try here.

 I have been using an applescript/HC suite of tools from "epsi computers" for decades to run a client/server system in HC. Pretty good stuff, and I have become adept. I even defeated record locking.

I have never communicated with another Mac using LC, but want to do so now. But I am getting an error "-1701" when I try something as simple as:

send myMessage to program "*:myOtherMac:LiveCode"

The message is just a test, and tells an open LC stack to put a random number into a field. "myMessage" is the name of a handler in the stack script.

Something to do with the pathname? Such a message has no issue in HC (running OS9, of course)

Has to be simple. That is why I am posting in the complete beginners section.

Craig Newman


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