Explicit Variables again

Peter Haworth pete at lcsql.com
Thu Oct 18 13:20:19 EDT 2012

Still working on converting my stacks to use explicit variables and am
realising the significance of the fact that the explicit variables setting
is global to the ID not local to a stack.  Until I get all my stacks
converted, I'd like to pick and choose which ones use explicit variables
and which don't, and remembering to switch that option on and off via the
Preferences dialog is a pain.

I'm wondering if anyone knows where the LC Preference settings are stored?
 What I have in mind is to have a custom property of each of my stacks that
defines whether explicit variables should be on or off and in preOpenCard
or similar, I'll set the Livecode Preference accordingly, then set it back
to it's initial value on closeStack.

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