Russian (UTF-8) in LC 4.6

Slava Paperno (Bridge) slava at
Sat May 7 20:24:41 EDT 2011

Is anyone using LC 4.6 for "really foreign" stacks, like Slavic languages or
Greek, in UTF-8?

In my tests of 4.6.1, the Contents box of fields and labels accepts Russian
fine, and it is displayed correctly, but Russian in a button caption or
tooltip turns into garbage (actually, it looks like it tries to display each
byte of the two-byte characters, poor thing). Trying to type Russian in the
code window totally bombs for me (the effect is indescribable).

I'm new to LC, so I may be missing something crucial here. The phrase in the
User Guide about writing your own functions to process strings sounds
ominous, and yet they recommend the use of UTF-8, but again speak darkly of
"implementing an external" if you wish to use string handling functions
(section 6.4.6 on UTF-8).

Can one even assign a Cyrillic string to a variable in the code window?

I must be doing something wrong--or should I wait for another version of LC?

Any tips will be appreciated,


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