When to release a free Android app? (development cycle)

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at me.com
Sat Dec 10 17:01:40 EST 2011

Thanks for the feedback Roger.

Ill port the iPad interface over to Android for the tablets in the Christmas break as its much more suited to larger devices,  a lot of the screens are merged and it works in landscape and portrait,  but for now the scaled up version will have to do,  I never really intended to have it running on tablets at all but the manifest option to specify the lack of large screen support isnt in there yet. 

The expanding search is slow because its doing a net query and thats taking too long at the moment.  The information is all cached locally however,  so once you have done the search once there is never much need to do it again.

To answer the second question, the app calculates what the USA government see as your ideal weight based on your height, age and gender and prefills that as a starting point for the weight as most people will then scroll down to their real weight.  Again,  ideally this will all be improved with a much better picker but I just wanted to get to a point of having a working app which I could then tinker with and improve section by section.


> Question:  When I setup my profile, I enter my height, then when you go to
> weight, there is a pre-selected weight.  Am I to assume that this is the
> 'ideal' for my height, or do you simply have a default chosen?
> ˜Roger
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