data from USB joystick

David Glasgow david at
Sun Sep 26 07:10:11 EDT 2010

Hello folks,

I really really want to make  a Rev  (Ooops) LiveCode app with a push pull interface like on a mixing slider, or 'dive' and 'pull up' on a plain old joystick. 

I have raised questions about this a few times on the list over a number of years, and got some helpful pointers.  However, having followed these into the underpants of USB, I have discovered that is not a place I have the ability to work.  So I give up.

Is there anyone on this list who could create a cross platform extension or library thingy which would allow me to read the state(s) of an ordinary, off the shelf USB joystick?  If so, what would the cost be?

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow

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