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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Sun Sep 26 05:56:52 EDT 2010

--- On Sat, 9/25/10, Sivakatirswami <katir at> wrote:
>  I'm trying to translate a Ruby frame
> work for posting to Word press into a Revolution upload
> script.
> I don't know what I'm doing, so this is a fishing
> expedition (smile) and tomorrow I will go study the Word
> Press API and see if it is better tackling this without Ruby
> code in the middle of the R & D.
> the "listener" on the server is the
> /blog/myblog/xmlrpc.php
> script that handles input.
> The API in use by the ruby example we already have working
> on the server to post from a  web page on the same box
> via local host, is using the MetaWebLogAPI.
> I think I have cornered the key parts of the script:
> Ruby has this function:
> -------------------
> require  xmlrpc/client
>     def newPost(content, publish)
> @blogid, @username,
>           @password, content,
> publish)
>     end
> where content is
> content = {
>       'title' => title,
>       'description' => post
>     }
> and publish is a  boolean string, either "true" or
> "false"
> -----------
> I'm assuming I can talk to this xmlrpc.php  remotely,
> assuming the log in details are here. The ruby library
> "client.rb"  which is required is over my head
> completely, but I'm assuming that the RevXMLRPC liberay
> should work, if I knew what I was doing, which I don't
> I gave it this much of a "stab" and I will later keep
> plugging away in the dark if anyone has any ideas, let me
> know.
> on mouseUp
>   local tRequest
>   put revXMLRPC_CreateRequest(field "Host",field
> "Port",field "Path",field "Protocol") into tRequest
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "int", "1" # blog ide
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "user"
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "password"
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string",
> "metaWeblog.newPost" # I think the xmlrpc.php needs this...
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "Testing" #
> title of the post
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "Cool
> article" # description-article content
>   revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "false" #
> send to drafts for now, don't publish.
>   put revXMLRPC_Execute(tRequest) into  fld
> "result" # I get a number
>   put tRequest into fld "result" # I would like to see
> what the request looks like but I don't get anything
> here...
> end mouseUp
> How do you get LiveCode to show you the full xml that has
> been built?  That is being sent to the server?
> Sivakatirswami

The XMLRPC document id is actually the id of the backing XML tree.
So to show the XML string that was built, simply use:
put revXmlText(tRequest, "methodCall", true) into fld "Request"


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