Performance Mystery Solved - IT'S THE DATA STUPID!!

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Nov 11 19:43:21 EST 2010

Figured out the IDE/Standalone performance issue, it's nothing to do  
with the code.

I my last email I mentioned how I have a custom property holding the  
long names of all the controls on a card that need to have data loaded  
into them from my database.  On closer inspection, the long name  
includes the name of the stack file which - duh - is my .rev file!!!   
So when the standalone gets the long name of a control from the custom  
property, it is referencing the control in my.rev file, not the  
control in the standalone, and presumably has to go open the .rev file  
every time my code refers to a control.  No wonder everything took  
longer.  Using the ID removes that problem of course.

I still have to figure out what to about this.  I can either change my  
code to use the ID everywhere instead of the long name, or I can  
somehow parse out the the part of the long name that is the path to  
my .rev file.  Or I could build the list of controls in the standalone  
(currently it specifically doesn't do that on the grounds that it  
didn't need to).

Sorry for the false alarms!

Pete Haworth

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