a weird thing about registration, Linux

Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 11:20:40 EDT 2010

Oh, another thought.  If it WILL keep seperate preferences/settings
for each user, you can change where it points for your plugins, and
move it to a folder you Do have write permissions to, but then that
means every plugin change you would hve to update the plugin on all
installations.  Since it sounds like its only you, could point it to a
dir that users have a right to, or setup a specific group for livecode
user accounts and set group permissions on that.  That way I believe
all accounts could update plugins.  Hmm. In fact, you could setup 1
account with write privelages to a director, and setup a group or
world with read permissions so that you have only 1 account that can
trash your plugins folder, but all other accounts can read them.

On 11/1/10, Mike Bonner <bonnmike at gmail.com> wrote:
> My guess would be that it puts a dot file in your user account on
> first run that manages prefs and registration info.  Since you don't
> run it as root, no .file, same for all other users.  Still leaves it
> as being a pain in the tookus to set it up as multiple users, but i'm
> curious... It's been a while, but isn't there a skeleton directory
> that holds default files to add when an account is created?  Did
> livecode add one there? If not, and you copy your file there it should
> solve the problem for new accounts, but unfortunately doesn't keep you
> from having to beat already created accounts into submission manually
> for now.
> On 11/1/10, Peter Alcibiades <palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Has anyone else had this?
>> I installed and registered my 4.5 copy.  Works fine.  Now, I want to
>> update
>> the Slug's package.  It won't let me, most likely because its installed
>> the
>> app in /opt and as user I have no write privileges there.
>> OK, no problem, become root with the root environment, fire up LC.  Asks
>> me
>> to register!
>> Think, OK, maybe this is due to having the root environment, so just do
>> su.
>> Same thing.
>> OK, maybe this is something to do with root or root privileges, so log
>> out,
>> log on as another account.  Same thing.
>> This is weird.  The only point of installing in /opt as opposed to
>> /home/user would be to let all accounts have access to the app in a multi
>> account environment, but it seems in some way to be restricting use of
>> the
>> app to just one account?  Cannot be, surely?
>> I can always do it manually, download the package, delete the existing
>> plug
>> in, so that's not a problem.  The problem is if registration is
>> restricting
>> to just one account on a machine.  To be clear, no-one else uses Rev on
>> my
>> machine, but for various reasons I do use multiple accounts on the same
>> machine myself and can't see why I should have to register not only by
>> machine, but by account.  Anyone else getting this?
>> Peter
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