Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Mon Nov 1 12:05:45 EDT 2010

Final note on this thread before I put it down to the archives and posterity
for the next person looking for a kb.  I got a Das Keyboard Silent Ultimate
on Friday.

It's mechanical, but it eliminates the "click" portion of the sound that an
"M" style mechanical keyboard makes.  Instead you hear the riser sliding in
and out of the bushing, and the key bottoming out at the end.  It's still a
lot louder than a membrane keyboard.

Most of the mechanicals that I've checked out require 70g of force to
activate the key.  The Silent requires 50, so it's a lighter feel, if you
want that.

The Ultimate is so named because it has no labels on any of the keys, again
if you want that.

I love, love, love the feel.  I'm glad that I'm back on a mechanical.  I did
a lot of keyboarding since I've gotten it, and I'm really happy that I
bought it.

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