RevServer set-up on OSX Server

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Dec 13 12:23:16 EST 2010

If it is not completing post, I would start by opening it up and reseating the ram. If you have spare ram, try replacing that. But over all if it is under Applecare, then it is best to let them look at it so that you don't void the warranty. 


On Dec 12, 2010, at 8:57 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:

> On 12 Dec 2010, at 13:37, Andre Garzia wrote:
>> irgh!!!!
>> at least the revserver part worked right?
> I don't know!! I was rebooting to allow me to copy over the test page when it died (aaargh!)
>> What I do here is this:
>> * I use superduper to make a bootable clone of my HD in an external Hard
>> Drive.
>> * In the rare cases that my mac goes crazy, I reboot from the external hd
>> and then fix the problem.
>> most of the times my mac will not hang during boot but some other stuff
>> sometimes makes it unresponsive, for these cases, I usually use a secondary
>> laptop and ssh to reboot the silly apple machine.
> Good ideas about back-up and remote mgt but I think I've got some kind of hardware failure, as the Mini isn't completing its POST because I can't force it to start with a system DVD or reboot via remote server admin tools.
> Looks like it's the genius bar for me! 

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