Various newbie doubts about LiveCode

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Mon Dec 13 12:00:26 EST 2010

Hi Giuseppe,

I think a quick answer to your all of your questions is Yes.

LiveCode works very well with databases with libraries included from the

Presenting data is now very definable thanks to the datagrid. The datagrid
at first glance may look simplistic but stick with it and you will soon be
displaying your data as imagined.

I've built near on twenty commercial grade applications, none of which in
their present form will see the light of day as they have all been for
in-house consumption, all are employed in the printing and web design

As an example I ported a database driven telephone loging system from Delphi
to LiveCode in less than one day.

A few examples of application built:

-Custom, brandable FTP clients and clients builder.
-Print tracking (real time) and schedule notification system.
-Client and base chat (help) sytem working over HTTP.
-Colour profiling system to automatically sample Illustrator and PSD files
and document respective colours and fonts used.

I think this highlights a problem with potential new users of LiveCode in as
much that it appears that much of the work done with LiveCode is for
in-house or locked in production.

It may an idea if LiveCode had a 'ShowCase' area to their forums so that
application deatils that can be shown are available to new and not so new

As far as speed of development is concerned I have previously programmed in
Delphi and RealBasic, both are very capable environments but I happened
across LiveCode when it was Runrev and was amazed at how quickly I was able
to build applications compared to both Delphi and RealBasic and remember I
was fairly proficient in both and a newbee to LiveCode. The learning curve
is very quick basically once you get used to the lanquage I find I can quite
often copy my code directly from comments in outline flow diagrams  for the
application. Of course there are some issues but these (most) are being
addressed with the latest versions of LiveCode.

Anyway i would suggest downloading a trial and see if it 'fits'.

Hope this has been of some use.

Andy Piddock

My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.
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