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Tue Dec 7 20:08:59 EST 2010

Hey Bernd, thanks for this really useful example.

Did you mean that the simulator doesn't bounce? because it scrolls just fine
if you mouse down and drag.


On 8/12/10 11:11 AM, "BNig" <niggemann at> wrote:

> You would want to look at the scroller on a real device. The simulator does
> not scroll. Forgot to mention that in the previous post.
> regards
> Bernd
> BNig wrote:
>> I figured the scroller example in Livecode mobile 4.5.2 was not really
>> complete so I set up the new scroller in a little stack: a list field with
>> a bounce. The bounce was not obvious from the example so I hope this helps
>> people to implement this. (look at the group "umscroll" with lockloc true
>> and the list field)
>> Almost all the code is in the card script. Except for a mouseUp handler in
>> the list field to make the actual selection.
>> The new scroller is a very nice object that really makes things a lot
>> easier. It scrolls very smoothly even on my slow iPhone 3G. Selection is a
>> lot easier since the operating system takes a lot of guesswork out of when
>> a touch is the begin of a scroll and when a touch is a selection.
>> There is one quirk in the current incarnation of the mobile engine:
>> the scroll is really only starting to scroll if you slide the field up and
>> then touch the network bar or whatever you call it. The top line of the
>> screen where the battery is shown etc. This 'defrosts' the scrolling and
>> from then on you can scroll and bounce like you expect it. Runrev is aware
>> of the problem.
>> the zipped version of the stack:
>> ip
>> regards
>> Bernd

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