Code To Minick Control-A, Control-C, Control-V (Select All, Copy, Paste)

Bob Cole bobcole at
Mon Dec 6 17:00:23 EST 2010

Here is a script that I use to copy all the text in a field.  
This works on Mac OS X and Windows (XP and 7).

   on mouseUp
      select the text of field "myList"
      wait 1 second 
      select empty
      set the vscroll of field "myList" to 0  -- reset the scroll to the top of a long list 
   end mouseUp

The select command highlights the text.
The wait command allows time for the user to get feedback
The select empty command removes the highlight
The vscroll is set to the top of a long list in the field.

With the text copied, it can be pasted into a different application.

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 09:43:34 -0500
From: "Walt Brown" <walter.h.brown at>

"Select the text of fld fFieldName" seems to work.


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