Setting which stack window is in front and which is next

william humphrey bill at
Sun Dec 5 10:58:18 EST 2010

If you have four stack windows open on Mac OS X and three of them are
substacks if you select one of the substacks it will jump to the front of
the other substacks but and you select another it will be in front of that
one but the second one will still be in front of the third. You notice this
more if you have a main stack with as substack attached to the side with an
"on move" command. How can you as part of the "on move" command and without
selecting the substack tell it to be #2 in the order and thus in front of
the other substacks even if one was recently chosen. This is especially a
problem as windows of other recently activated programs will also appear in
front. I realize that I could solve this by making the substack a drawer of
the mainstack but I ran into other problems with how the scripts and buttons
operate differently on a drawer then when it is a substack.

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