conditional formatting, how to do it

Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Jan 2 18:41:46 EST 2009

Ignoring all the other serious issues, I noticed :

Rob Cozens wrote:
>> I change this so as to do the formatting as follows:
>> set the itemDelimiter to " "
>> repeat for each line theLine in field "test" of stack "Calendar"
>> if item 1 of theLine is "Sunday" then
>> set the textStyle of theLine to "bold"
>> end if
>> end repeat
> BTW, one can skip setting the itemDelimiter by substituting
>         if word 1 of theLine is "Sunday" then
> or
>         if offset("Sunday ",theLine) = 1 then
> your if statement.
Actually, neither of those is equivalent to the original version (though 
it may be that either one is closer to what the orignal question intended).

If the text line (t) contains a TAB followed by "Sunday " followed by 
SPACE then
   item 1 of t      has     TABSunday
   word 1 of t    has     Sunday
whereas if the line has "Sunday" followed by TAB followed by SPACE, then
   item 1 of t      has     SundayTAB
   offset("Sunday", t)  has   1

so in both cases there is a text line which produces different results.

(Which is a shame - my suggestion was going to be
     if theLine begins with "Sunday" then ....
but that also has a subtly different meaning.)

-- Alex.

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