Losing data when quitting

william humphrey shoreagent at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 18:53:42 EST 2009

In a similar vein I sometimes see "ghost" stacks. I can open a stack and
then look in the application browser and see another main stack that I had
opened in the past. When this happens if I quit RunRev and try again it
doesn't re-occur so it is not something that can be reported as a bug. I
think it is related to another file saving behavior that RunRev does which I
can't figure out. Which is:
I can open a stack. Then I want to open another stack of the same name but
an earlier version. Even if I close the first stack RunRev acts as if it was
still there so I have to quit RunRev and re-start to have a "clean slate"
and work on the earlier version.  The behavior I would like (but maybe is
impossible) would be to close a stack and have it really be gone. No ghost
of it in the application browser or error message that comes up saying a
stack of that name is already there.  But I've been using RunRev for years
now and have gotten used to closing the whole program and re-opening it
usually many times in a programming session.

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