Web Developers

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Aug 7 21:38:17 EDT 2009


I regularly get requests for recommendations from people wanting to 
start a new web site.

Any of you Rev coders who also do web development, please contact me off 
list and I will add you to my list of people that I would recommend.

Note, most of those coming for such advice  often have no clue what they 
want other than a general concept. I try to advise them to read "Joel on 
Software" ... his marvelous articles on preparing functional 
specifications, in hopes that they will educate themselves to be "good 

I also advise them, that if they do not feel they are competent to 
generate a functional specification, that they should contract to pay by 
the hour instead of getting bids for a whole job--- and to expect this 
to cost more, -- but the end usually it means everyone gets what they 
won't and no one is "hurt" by not getting paid (developer) or client not 
getting his site done (developer gets fed up and bails)

Point: You may have to hand hold some of these people thru the initial 
stages of conceptualizing their end product. And usually these are not 
rich corporations asking for advice (they would not be coming to me if 
they were)

Contact me off list if site dev is part of your portfolio


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