Exporting Images of Buttons ?

Jim Sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Wed Mar 26 23:18:38 EDT 2008

On Mar 26, 2008, at 11:07 PM, Eric Chatonet wrote:
> I'm finishing a new tutorial about drag and drop including 2.9 new  
> features due to Easter time :-)

You are heroic.

> When I'll have some time left (Rev counts about 1600 tokens at the  
> moment) I'll write a kind of tutorial to know which words  
> (expressions) to use according to the task that must be achieved.
> With comments of course and a direct links to open the dictionary.
> Let me know, all of you, if it could be a good idea.

If you produced a tutorial for printing that used all the printing items
then you would be a heroic God.    ;-)

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