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Wed Mar 26 21:54:41 EDT 2008

Phil Davis wrote:
> Turns out I had the wrong line endings in my script. So in TextWrangler 
> (Mac) I changed them to "Unix (LF)" with the little menu at the bottom 
> edge of the window, saved the script again and it worked! Yaaaaay.

Rev's internal line-ending is the same as for UNIX, so -

If you make a little stacks and write your CGI script in a button, you 
get the benefit of auto-indenting as you go, and you can write a 
one-liner to upload that script to your server, a la:

  put script of btn "MyCGI" into \
    url ("")

With that, uploading is a snap.  You can then add buttons to launch your 
web browser to some test page, or even test it right from within Rev.

No more line-ending issues, and a lot of little steps go away with 
ultra-convenience. :)

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