burned by shell yet again

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Sun Mar 23 11:08:30 EDT 2008

Cool that actually works! Thank you very much. I have rerouted the  
logging stuff wget outputs to /dev/null, as I'm really not interested  
in that:

Code in button:
on mouseUp
   launch "path/to/script/file" with "sh"
end mouseUp

Code in script file:
wget -P/path/to/folder http://url.written.wrongly.on.purpouse.by.bjoernke.com 
  > /dev/null

Have Fun

On 23 Mar 2008, at 15:37, GIRARD Damien wrote:
> Hi Bjoernke,
> If you do not want to pass through the shell() command with  
> Revolution, you can use this trick that I am using.
> Rev create a shellscript file in a temporary folder.
> Your shellscript write results of your command in another file.
> Example:
> #!/bin/sh
> wget -P/path/to/folder http://url.written.wrongly.on.purpouse.by.bjoernke.com 
>  > myfile.txt
> Use the launch command to launch the shellscript (personnaly in  
> order to stay compatible with all Unix operating system, I use /bin/ 
> sh).
> After, your rev app check every few seconds the content of myfile.txt.
> And you can monitor everything that you want with that.
> Note: I think that this work, I will try that once my Linux booted.  
> (I developp on Windows).
> Regards,
> Damien
> Björnke von Gierke a écrit :
>> Hi
>> On linux with the latest rc of 2.9, I am trying to get an url  
>> asynchronous into a file, as to not reduce interactivity of my rev  
>> stack. However I am unable to find a solution, without running a  
>> second rev program, because shell behaves so strangely different in  
>> Rev then in the terminal. My problem is that Rev always waits for  
>> wget, no matter how I try to trick it. All my trials and successful  
>> running tests in terminal didn't help me.
>> The script I use is this (I used a wrong url because that results  
>> in longer wait times for wget):
>> wget -q -P/path/to/folder http://url.written.wrongly.on.purpouse.by.bjoernke.com 
>>  &
>> -q no live logging to the terminal
>> -P custom path to save file under
>> & run command without waiting, return null immediately
>> In terminal I noticed that the program does terminate immediately,  
>> but sometimes output stuff, of which I know that Rev has problems  
>> with. I presume these where information about the subtask spawned  
>> by "&". Example:
>> [1] 24800
>> So i put the string into a file, which i then called:
>> bash downloadfile
>> this did return immediately in the terminal, and didn't return  
>> anything. Unfortunately, Rev still doesn't return control  
>> immediately.
>> I hate shell commands :(
>> Bjoernke

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