while I await my password...

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Mar 11 15:47:35 EDT 2008

Colin Holgate wrote:
> While I wait for my bug reporting password (are those created 
> manually?),

I'm not sure if they are manual or not, but you should have received it 
by now. Could the reply have gone into your spam box? You might try 
logging in anyway just to see if it is registered yet.

> I'll list some of the things that seem odd to me, to give 
> you a sense of what I mean, and for you to say if it's normal oddities:
> Place some little arrows, and resize them (you probably don't have a 
> good reason to do that, but do it anyway). As you resize them they will 
> change between arrows, a horizontal scroller, and a vertical scroller, 
> depending on the width and height you make it. For example, something 
> roughly square will be the arrows, something a bit narrower will be a 
> vertical scroller. The inspector continues to report that it's little 
> arrows, unless you deselect and reselect them, then it changes to the 
> type it looks like. The final application shows the type it ended up 
> like on Mac, but shows resized little arrows on Windows.

Right, all normal, except for maybe the last part. In reality there is 
only one "scrollbar" type of object. The way it looks depends, as you 
noticed, on the dimensions. The engine will automatically resize the 
arrows if the rectangle is small enough; otherwise it draws a regular 
scrollbar. The orientation of the scrollbar depends on the ratio between 
the height and width.

Rev attempts to make the distinction for you by putting different types 
of scrollbar settings into the tool palette, which makes it look like 
they are different, but they aren't. Rev does the same thing with 
buttons; there is only one button type, and the appearance and behavior 
depend on the button's style propery. The tool palette makes it look 
like there are different types of buttons, and the inspector reinforces 
this by removing certain settings depending on which button it is 

The inspector is apparently not updating its pane info when you resize 
the scrollbar. This may be considered a bug, I suppose.

> If you make a scroller by starting with little arrows and glitching it 
> as above to become a scroller, or if you intentionally select it to be a 
> scroller in the inspector, the final scroller does not scale correctly 
> when you drag the thumb. If the mouse is over the thumb at the top of 
> the channel, by the time you've dragged to the bottom of the channel the 
> thumb is nowhere near the mouse position.
> With little arrows (just drag them out to make them, and don't mess with 
> the size), the bottom arrow is deemed to be under the mouse right up to 
> over half way up the upper arrow. The upper arrow is only active in the 
> top half of the arrow.


> Drag out a QuickTime object and connect it to a movie. Resize the 
> object, do a save of the stack, close it, and open it again. The object 
> is also back at the natural size of the QuickTime movie, and not at the 
> size you made it.

Normal behavior, and works the same in image objects too. Images and 
players will resize to fit their media at the next redraw of the card 
(you will see the behavior you describe if you just go to another card 
and back, too.) To prevent this, set the lockloc of the image or player 
to true. That will disable the auto-resize feature. Auto-resize is handy 
if you want to use only one object to display different files at 
different times, but if you are only showing one file permanently, 
locking is the answer.

> Default buttons don't behave like OS X default buttons. They constantly 
> pulse. What is supposed to happen is that when you click on them they 
> stop pulsing in the brighter state, and if you roll off them they become 
> empty, like a non-default button. In  Rev they just continue to pulse.

Probably a bug. The default button style on OS X was a problem for a 
while and used considerable CPU cycles. That was fixed, but it sounds 
like newer OS behavior hasn't been implemented. Didn't they always pulse 
in older implementations of OS X?

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