Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Tue Mar 11 17:52:04 EDT 2008

> I was just playing around with the RevZip command and
>  when I try to open a Zip file the result says it is not a zip
>  file.  If I check the file info it says it is a zip file.

Yes, see this bug <>
It happens if you add or remove files from a zip that was not
originally created in Revolution.

>  Also I don't see any command to open a file that is not a
>  zip archive and compress it unless I already have a zip
>  archive open.

You need to specify a file name, open that file as a zip archive ready
for updating, add new files to it, then close the zip file. Check the
docs for the following commands:

>  Is RevZip used only for some special RevZip files or is
>  it for any Zip Archive?

In theory, it works for any zip file, but at the moment, you can only
edit zip files created in Rev. Unfortunately, this makes the zip
library almost useless, since the only way to test whether a zip file
will work is to risk corrupting it permanently and losing any data in


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