Anyone using GLX2???

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu Mar 6 21:44:28 EST 2008

First off, I haven't seen any mention of which version of GLX2 you  are
running. I experienced similar problems as you described with an earlier
version of GLX2, but as soon as I updated they were all solved. I now go
beyond the release and use the latest Beta version.

Depending on how old your GLX2 is, I seem to remember some had problems with
their inbuilt update function, so a bit of a catch22. Sorry I can't tell you
exactly which release and beta versions are current as I'm on a hotel
business centre computer at the moment so don't have Rev+GLX2 in front of

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 2:01 AM, Dave <dave at> wrote:

> If there are two ways of doing it then there should also be some way
> to clear all the RunRev breakpoints from the user stacks.

There is in RunRev. With the problems you describe, after updating to the
latest I suggest you turn GLX2 off. In the Rev IDE I'm sure there is a
command to "Clear All Breakpoints". Sorry I don't have Rev in front of me to
tell you exactly where it is, but I'm sure it's there.

Once you're back to a clean sheet, start GLX2 and see if your experience
isn't a little better :-)

> The way it
> is now, I have a number RunRev breakpoints set that DO NOT cause the
> RunRev debugger to stop (and AFAICT are not even visible as
> breakpoints in the Standard Editor), but do cause GLX2 to stop....

 ...if I hit it again, it goes back to normal and if I

> run it doesn't stop next time that statement is run. However, the
> next time the stack is opened, the same thing happens.
> Again, with an earlier version of GLX2 I seem to remember some problems
like this, but they all went away once updated. I also seem to remember that
it was possible to open a script in both the Rev IDE and GLX2. This is a big
no no and causes all sorts of problems. I don't know if that is now
impossible in the latest version of GLX2, or my work flow is such that it
never happens. All I remember is this created lots of headaches so I make
sure a script is never opened in both.


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