my cursor shows as all black

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Mar 6 14:48:03 EST 2008

mfstuart wrote:
> Hi again Jacqueline,
> I looked at the browse.gif image on the revCursors stack in RunRev.
> It shows on the Colors & Patterns properties that the First Color is black,
> Second Color is white.
> I tried applying the same colors on my gif image after importing it into
> RunRev, but didn't help.
> In IconWorkshop, before exporting an image to gif, there are 3-4 options to
> set.
> I'll continue playing with those settings, because I just bought this
> software online.
> Got to be able to pay for it some how.
> Is GC available for WinXP?

Sorry, no. It's Mac OS X only. I'm not familiar enough with Windows 
tools to know of a replacement (I do all my Windows icons and cursors on 
a Mac) but maybe someone here does. There has got to be something 
equivalent, I'd think.

There is one more old trick that people used to use, but I haven't 
mentioned it because several people have said it no longer works. But I 
guess it is worth a try. Import your image (at the correct size) as a 
GIF image. Using the pencil tool, edit a pixel or two. The editing is 
what matters; you don't have to keep the changes. For example, you can 
toggle one pixel from black to white, and then toggle it back to black 
again. Then choose a non-paint tool to stop editing.

This used to force the image to the correct palette for use as a cursor, 
provided your image was black and white to begin with. You might want to 
see if that works.

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