my cursor shows as all black

mfstuart mfstuart at
Thu Mar 6 00:53:28 EST 2008

Hi again Jacqueline,
I looked at the browse.gif image on the revCursors stack in RunRev.
It shows on the Colors & Patterns properties that the First Color is black,
Second Color is white.
I tried applying the same colors on my gif image after importing it into
RunRev, but didn't help.

In IconWorkshop, before exporting an image to gif, there are 3-4 options to
I'll continue playing with those settings, because I just bought this
software online.
Got to be able to pay for it some how.
Is GC available for WinXP?
Mark Stuart

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> mfstuart wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> I don't have PhotoShop (as Steve mentions to use), I have Axialis'
>> IconWorkshop.
>> I downloaded there Cursor Workshop 4.5, but the only Save As file type is
>> *.cur.
>> So I'm trying all different ways to save the image file in IconWorkshop,
>> but
>> still the black image result.
>> When I save as .png, and use it in RunRev, it crashes.
>> Anyone using Axialis' IconWorkshop and able to get the correct results
>> for
>> cursors?
> I don't think you can use that software. You need an image editor that 
> will allow you to assign the correct number of colors, and set the order 
> of the color lookup table. Your image must have only three colors in it, 
> and the order in which they appear in the color lookup table is 
> important. The three colors must be black, white, and any other color, 
> the third of which you assign as the transparent color.
> I had to make a number of cursors for Cosmic Osmo and I used Graphic 
> Converter (Mac OS X) to do it. GC allows you to assign the order of the 
> colors in the color palette. Unfortunately I can't offhand recall which 
> color has to be first, second, and third, but I vaguely recall the 
> transparent color has to be third. Whether the first is black or white 
> is what I've since forgotten, so you'd need to experiment.
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