Anyone using GLX2???

Dave dave at
Thu Mar 6 09:33:39 EST 2008


Has anyone used GLX2? I started using it a couple of days ago and  
have had nothing but problems on the debugging side and with no  
decent documentation I can find and no support it's hard to know how  
it is *supposed* to work rather than what I am seeing.

1.  I can find no way to insert or remove a breakpoint without  
aborting the current debugging session. The "Breakpoint" menu item  
just inserts a "breakpoint" statement into the source code. It says  
clicking on it will disable/enable it, but this doesn't seem to have  
any effect, it always breaks regardless of if it's highlighted or  
not. The only way I can find to remove the breakpoint is to edit the  
source code and physically delete the "breakpoint" statement, which  
kill the current session.

2. Old breakpoints added with the standard RunRev IDE Script Editor  
(the red dot at the left of the statement) triggers the GLX2 Debugger  
and I can find no way to get rid of them. The amusing thing here is  
that the standard debugger ignores them, so you can't tell where they  
are until GLX2 finds them and GLX2 can't remove them!

3. The editor or debugger seems to lose track of which is the latest  
version of the Script and so the code that is run is not the same as  
the code displayed in the Source Window.

I've sent two emails a week apart asking to be registered for support  
but no reply.

These issues are making it unusable and I'm about to uninstall it,  
which is a real shame since the editor is miles better than the  
standard IDE version.

All the Best

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