unexpected widows nastiness

Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Tue Mar 4 07:01:57 EST 2008

Why can't you debug on Studio?  That's all I have and I debug with it 
all the time.  I don't think Enterprise has any different debugging 
facilities than Studio (but I could be wrong).

len morgan
> Now why didn't I think of that?  The image displayer changes 
> dimensions to fit different shaped pics.  If it got stuck half way 
> through, and before the size is scaled to fit the designated area, and 
> couldn't display the image, it might be big and grey......
> Maybe I should try it on a variety of images.
> One difficulty with nailing this one is that I only have Studio, so I 
> can't debug on Win.  Still, I know someone who can.....
> Best Wishes,
> David Glasgow
> Carlton Glasgow Partnership

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