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Len Morgan len-morgan at
Tue Mar 4 06:56:19 EST 2008

Perhaps the way to solve this would be to dump all the properties of the 
template objects of this stack and then dump only properties of the 
objects that are different than the templates.  This buys you a couple 
of things:

1) You only dump what's different
2) If someone has modified their template objects for a particular 
project (say text font) and most of the objects in the stack used this 
new object instead of the one that comes with Rev out of the box, you'd 
have a smaller export file.
3) It would give you a fairly simple way to make wholesale changes to a 
stack by modifying the text file and reloading.  For example, if you 
wanted to change the type face completely across an app, if you exported 
the stack as text, then changed the type face in the saved text file 
(only on the template object(s)), then reloaded, you'd end up changing 
all of the objects by changing one line!  Handy.

len morgan

Richmond Mathewson wrote:
> I wrote (probably in a moment of fairly naive
> euphoria):
> "it would be perfectly possible to write a
> description in the text format and write a reader to
> reimport that to make a stack!"
> Well, I suppose it would.
> It would probably then be necessary to spit out
> details of ALL properties for each object (472 last
> time I looked) which would be both silly and involve a
> lot of redundancy . . .
> feedback required . . .
> sincerely, Richmond
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