Paul Foraker paul at whitefeather.com
Sun Mar 2 01:57:24 EST 2008

Turns out the problem was in the calling handler, but this is a little
weird. When I reported just now that I'd fixed it by passing "j" already
prepended to the seconds, I had only tried that from the Message Box. Back
inside the calling script, it didn't work. Here's the calling script in a
button on a substack's card (faux dialog):

on mouseUp -- button on a card of sub stack "Days"
  get the selectedText of fld "DaysList"
  convert it to seconds
  put "j" & it into jDate
  close stack "Days" -- back on main stack "Journal"
  unpackTheData jDate
end mouseUp

That doesn't work. Even though jDate arrives at the main stack script with
the correct value, that value cannot be used to access the main stack's
custom property.

The unpackTheData handler does work, however, from the Message Box. That is,
I can pass "j"-something to the stack script and it will work.

So, it had to be the "close stack" command in the calling script. Sure
enough, this works:

on mouseUp -- in a button on sub stack "Days" of main stack "Journal"
  get the selectedText of fld "DaysList"
  convert it to seconds
  put "j" & it into jDate
  go stack "Journal" -- main stack
  unpackTheData jDate
  close stack "Days" -- substack cannot be closed prior to execution
    -- of a handler in the main stack
end mouseUp

I would call that a bug.

-- Paul

On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 10:44 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at hyperactivesw.com>

> Paul Foraker wrote:
> > I'm building a stack that is a data entry app for a daily journal. Once
> the
> > day's entries have been posted (emailed to myself), I want to store them
> in
> > the stack. I came up with a scheme of prepending "j" to the seconds
> > representing the day and using that as the name of a custom property. No
> > problem storing that. When I retrieve it in a script, however, it's
> always
> > empty.
> >
> > on unpackTheData jDate -- in seconds
> >   put "j" before jDate
> >   put empty into tJournal
> >   put the jDate of this stack into tJournal
> >   -- do "put the" && jDate && "of this stack into" && tJournal -- didn't
> > work
> I think you do need to use the "do" statement to force evaluation. But
> the tJournal variable should be part of the "do" statement itself; Rev
> will recognize it correctly as a variable. So, something like this
> should work:
> do "put the" && jDate && "of this stack into tJournal"
> --
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