Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sat Jan 19 03:05:15 EST 2008

Ken, I think I know what he means.  You are starting out learning Rev, and you 
have a problem of some sort that goes beyond the tutorial materials and whose 
solution is going to involve using a bunch of different features in the 
correct way together.

Lets say its my own case:  this large file that I'm trying to do a nice report 
from, but it could be anything.

You simply do not know what to start to think of using.  As soon as someone 
says to you, use X Y Z, its almost not a problem any more, because the 
dictionary entries about them, if you know they are what you need, will let 
you figure out how to use them.  But without knowing this, you end up 
searching for things that sound like they may be relevant, but each time you 
find one, you have no idea whether it is, or which option on it it.

For instance, Jim Ault a while back suggested using filter for one of my 
tasks.  I'd never thought of it.  Maybe stupid, but hadn't.  As soon as I 
know to use that, the problem is over and the docs are perfect.  Before that, 
I have to go through, find filter, read all the options, realize its the 
thing that's needed...  But I'm doing this along with reading about find, 
match, offset, if, switch, repeat, arrays, custom properties, a whole bunch 
of stuff, and without even knowing whether one of them in combination with 
something else will do what's needed.

You'd get in the same situation with Linux or Unix if all you had was the Man 
pages on commands.    But fortunately we have the cookbooks, like Carla's, 
which go the reverse way:  here is a problem, here is step by step the 
various things you use.

I guess no-one is very interested in it,  but I still believe it would be a 
huge asset to promoting the platform if it existed.


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