Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Aug 18 16:08:05 EDT 2008

I can't find any record of anyone raising this in bugzilla or the use-rev list 
- which makes me think it might be just my problem.

I've just been trying something on two different Macs, one running 10.4 and 
one running 10.5, and under various versions of Rev up to the latest one; and 
in all cases, the global property 'proportionalThumbs' can't be set false.  If 
you set it to false, it's still true.

According to the documentation, it's default value is false on MacOS, true on 
Unix (which I take to include OS X) and Windows.  It doesn't say that on any 
system its locked to either value.

Is this true for others, is it a bug?


- Ben

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