Are crash reports useful

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Aug 6 13:54:02 EDT 2008

I have to agree with Eric. Not just because I can't read those logs,  
but I can't check whether there is no information in those logs that  
shouldn't leave my computer, e.g. with regard to any confidential  
projects. If I can't see what I send into the public (the QCC is  
public) I'd rather not send it at all.

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On 6 aug 2008, at 19:45, Eric Chatonet wrote:

> Bonsoir Jacque,
> All you say is relevant as usual :-)
> But I would add (because I discussed some times ago with Mark  
> Waddingham) that these extended Win logs are not readable by us,  
> poor humans, but by Runrev only.
> So, it's a bit frustrating to make the effort to send something you  
> absolutely don't understand.
> Some header in clear would help... and not feel as we were guinea  
> pigs only ;-)
> The result: a few crash reports are finally sent.

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