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Wed Aug 6 13:27:51 EDT 2008

Bernard Devlin wrote:
> Since using Rev on Vista in the past few months I manage to crash the IDE
> almost every day, sometimes up to 4 times a day.  It's hard to say what it
> is that is causing the crash.  Sometimes just working with the debugger
> (either GLX2 or the Rev native one), and clicking on a line or scrolling or
> moving the mouse will cause the crash.  Are these kinds of crash reports of
> any use?
> Problem signature:
>   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
>   Application Name:    Revolution.exe
>   Application Version:
>   Application Timestamp:    47f4e195
>   Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll
>   Fault Module Version:    6.0.6000.16386
>   Fault Module Timestamp:    4549bdc9
>   Exception Code:    c0000005
>   Exception Offset:    000620e3
>   OS Version:    6.0.6000.
>   Locale ID:    2057
>   Additional Information 1:    7a27
>   Additional Information 2:    16640c7e27f99d414fc9152a5811d877
>   Additional Information 3:    7917
>   Additional Information 4:    af727dc1fb4fc0b77ddd4f47eaa24864

Better is to follow these instructions:

There is a new preference in the General pane of the Revolution 
Preference dialog called 'Crash reporting on Windows XP'. This 
determines the type of crash log written out when the engine encounters 
a serious error (if it is running on Windows XP). The setting of 'None' 
causes no log to be generated, the setting of 'Small' causes an outline 
crash log to be generated and the setting of 'Medium' causes a more 
verbose and larger crash log to be generated.

Any crash logs generated when this option is not set to 'None' can be 
found in the folder:
   Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Runtime 
Revolution/Revolution <edition type>/Crash Logs

They are named with the version and time and date of launch of the IDE 
which eventually crashed.

The setting of this preference only take effect the next time you 
startup the IDE.

Although it says "XP" I believe the reports also work on Vista. The 
location of the log on Vista should be in <user name>/AppData. Create a 
bug report in the QCC and paste the log info into it. That will help the 
team track down the cause. Please do submit a bug report, as crashes get 
top priority. Set the status of your report as "critical".

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