REV Send Email via CGI and mail.php script on the fly?

Alex Shaw alex at
Thu Aug 7 03:48:39 EDT 2008


I agree but I have had past problems using "sendmail" (particularly with 
attachments) on some web servers.

The solution that's worked best for me is LibCGI and Shao Sean's libSMTP 
& libEmailEncode. All in rev :)


Andre Garzia wrote:
> Folks,
> using smtp routines from a cgi is not the best solution. If the server
> blocks, you end up eating server resources and many hosts will not
> allow your cgi to open sockets to outside servers.
> RevOnRockets has a library called RocketsSendmail that wraps around
> the sendmail common unix tool to send emails, you can simply download
> and use that instead of using a php file. I can assist
> Cheers
> andre

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