copy using the frontmost window

sims sims at
Fri Feb 9 01:32:18 EST 2007

At 12:02 AM -0600 2/9/07, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>My goal is to get the hilited text from a field onto the clipboard 
>>in Windows.
>>With Applescript, the following does a 'command key C' or copy which gets the
>>hilited text of the frontmost window in OS X:
>>     tell application "System Events"
>>         key code 8 using command down
>>     end tell
>>It copies the hilited text from the frontmost window.
>>Is there a way to do this with Windows?

At 12:02 AM -0600 2/9/07, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>If you mean getting text from a Rev field, you can do it with native 
>scripting on any platform:

Thanks for the reply.

Nope...I mean telling the frontmost application to do a copy.
The above applescript will tell whatever is the frontmost app to do a 
'command C'
from its menubar. So, my Rev app is able to tell any application to 
copy the hilited text
if it has access to System Events in OS X.


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