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Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sun Sep 24 19:37:47 EDT 2006

I respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement.

Here's my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.

In order for Rev to succeed, it needs to have a decent out of the box
user experience. Look what happened to MetaCard which never had one.
Besides, asking that a script editor be at least as good as a previous
version (2.7 is way slower and IMO 'unfriendlier' than the 2.6
version) shouldn't be such a problem.

I'm pretty much staying off of 2.7 for that reason alone.

Besides, while Jerry and Trevor are two of the best Rev programmers
and do great work, the burden of running two IDE's (Galaxy and Rev's)
does take a toll on performance. Now, if Rev could just 'get out of
the way' and let Galaxy take over, it might make things different.
But, like Sivakatirswami, I, too have seen some performance issues on
earlier versions of Galaxy, enough to put me off using it.

The other issue for me is that while Galaxy is cross platform, it is
programmed mostly on Macs and I use PCs. Since I quit using it, I've
created some of my own tools to do some of the heavy lifting for me.
I've combined some features of Transcript Gadget with Inspector Gadget
and added a script manager plugin. These aren't for public
consumptions as they are still works in progress-- but I digress.

Up to now, these tools work great for me. Just last week I tried them
out on a Mac and lo and behold, lots and lots of problems. Which goes
to show how difficult it is to program on one platform for another,
especially tough IDE type stuff. It's certainly not impossible, but

And, because Galaxy can't be completely removed without restarting Rev
(unlike Constellation and Jerry's previous products),  it is sometimes
hard to figure out exactly where the problem lies...Galaxy or Rev. All
I want to do is get work done, and it's enough for me to try and debug
1 IDE (Rev's) and not have to be concerned about another.

Perhaps it's time for Galaxy to consider becoming like MetaCard, a
complete seperate IDE for the Rev engine. Then Jerry and Trevor
wouldn't have to worry about coding 'around' Rev's own IDE. They
certainly would have more control over the interface-- and Galaxy's
interface is a most beautiful thing, not to mention well-thought out
and functional.


On 9/24/06, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:

> I'd have to respectfully disagree with this. For my two cents' worth,
> I'd rather have the team working on the engine: fixing bugs and adding
> new features, etc. The IDE is something that third parties can work
> on: making improvements and drop-in replacements for existing features
> ala Galaxy, or by adding plugins.

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