translating a color name to RGB triplet

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On 9/8/06 2:29 PM, "Stephen Barncard" <stephenREVOLUTION at>

> somewhere within the bowels of Rev must be a way to convert this directly.
> I know you can input colornames to 'Answer Color'
>      answer color with "AliceBlue"
>      put it into fld "output2"
> (it contains 239,247,255)
> and of course this works -
>        set the backgroundcolor of btn "toadMeat" to "LightYellow"
> but when you get the color back from the object
>         get colors of btn "toadMeat")
>         replace numToChar(11) with return in x
>         put it into fld "output2"
> you can see "AliceBlue" in line 3 in fld output2.
> (I was hoping to see the numbers!!)

Very interesting! If you do the same thing with a graphic, you get the RGB
values back... how odd!

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