eye-candy GUI design

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Mon Sep 4 23:04:08 EDT 2006


Check out MODO's interface. It's really IMO the best of breed
interface for 3D apps out there at this moment. Many of the 3D
applications create a single interface to work across multiple
platforms. Some of them do a better job than others, but none the
less, they are all interesting...to me.

Thanks Scott for the Altuit mention. There are some screenshots of
some older projects along with some newer stuff.

I use our product, Interface Designer along with ButtonGadget2, to
create all our interfaces these days. Interface Designer helps with
the layout, while ButtonGadget2 automatically builds 4 stage buttons
and imports them into stacks. Both work on Mac and PC.

Interface Designer:


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