PHP and Rev CGI

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Tue Oct 24 01:45:20 EDT 2006


A couple of quick thoughts:

1) PHP has a few commands - exec(), system() and passthru() which do  
similar things in terms of calling an external program. Documentation  
on is quite good - just browse there and type in the command  
name in the search box.

2) If the Rev process is long-running (aka "background process"), you  
can communicate via sockets. Pierre has previously posted some  
scripts for this which work well.

Hope that gives you a jump start!

> I have a Revolution CGI that someone wants to use on their server,  
> which is managed by some php scripts. I know nothing about php. Is  
> it possible for php to call the Rev cgi and get the response back?  
> Both processes will be running on the same server. Any pointers or  
> reference URLs on how to do that?
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